20" X 20"

1999: Hand dyed and vintage fabric, collaged, quilted.

This quilt is part of a traveling exhibit of colander quilts that originated on an internet quilting list.  While networking and sharing quilting tips and artistic ideas, our discussions often lead to “off topic chat”; sharing the details of our daily lives.  In one of these instances, a friend was writing about her new purchase, a brightly colored kitchen colander which she filled with fruit and used as a centerpiece.  

Who would have guessed, one after the other, several other people had similar colander experiences.  This discussion led to a challenge to make a quilt based on your favorite colander.  My quilt is of my beautiful blue pottery colander that my brother brought me from California.         See larger image.



28" X 27"

1997:  Hand dyed fabric, collaged, quilted.

This quilt was also the result of a challenge.  It was part of the traveling exhibit "Artistic Teapots", curated by Beth Gilbert. 

I rarely drink tea, I am a coffee person.  When I think of tea, I hearken back to the days of little girl tea parties, when I drank pretend tea and made Easy Bake Oven cakes.        

See detail.



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