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81" X 81"

2001:  Hand dyed and commercial fabric, collaged, quilted.

This is my most recent quilt.  Many times, a piece may take a few months to make, but many many months or years to mull over the design in my head before I actually feel ready to put it into fabric.  

I first saw the tulip "Queen of Night" during a trip to Amsterdam in 1998.  It is the most mysterious of all tulips, and very beautiful.  I spent almost 3 years with this tulip simmering in the back of my brain, dyeing and collecting dark purple and burgundy colored fabrics, photgraphing tulips, and sketching.  

I often have several quilts in the "simmering" stage, while I am working on other quilts.  Usually, just as I am finishing a current quilt, I start to get a good feeling from one of the simmering quilts, and I know that I am finally ready to start putting into fabric the ideas that I have been tossing around in my mind for a while.

See larger image.

Detail 1


Detail 2


Detail 3


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