43" X 46"

1995:  Hand dyed fabric, reverse appliqué through seven layers, quilted.

Techno-Pup is a portrait of my dog Bleecker.  This is the first quilt that I made that I considered an "art quilt".  Prior to that, my quilts were more traditional.

I was playing on the computer with a filter created by my husband when I came up with this design.  It took several months of "marinating" the design before I figured out how I could create it in fabric.

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48" X 46"

1996: Hand dyed and painted fabric, collaged, quilted.

I love useful household objects from other eras.  I can't believe that the clunky rotary dial phone we all had in our house as kids (and I still had in my office in the early 90's) is now obsolete, sold on e-bay as a collectors item.

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51" X 50"

1996:  Hand dyed fabric, collaged, quilted.

This quilt was my first foray into the world of "fusing".  (The previous quilts in this series, "Techno-Pup" and "Hot Line", were done by reverse appliqué.)  I was totally converted!

This was an especially fun quilt to make, bringing back memories of the stick shift car in which my dad taught me to drive, and the car I would drive half way across the country to college.

Trailblazer Award, Quilt National '97

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36" X 36"

1997: Hand dyed fabric, collaged, quilted.

A few  years ago, my dear friends Tracey and Rick moved to England for three years.  They were very excited about the trip, and the only sad part was that they were unable to take their two beloved cats due to the quarantine laws there.  Rick secretly commissioned me to make a quilt for Tracey for Christmas.  

He gave me complete creative freedom, and only asked that the subject of the quilt reflect one of Tracey's favorite things.   Having been Tracey's roommate for a few years, I knew her favorite things are cats and plants.

I had a lot of fun making this quilt, though it was extremely hard not to "spill the beans" when I talked to her on the phone. "The Cat in the Flat" lived for awhile in London, where it watched down on Rick and Tracey until they returned to their cats in the states.



52" x 54"

1997:  Hand dyed fabric, collaged, quilted.

This was the fourth quilt in the series of "techno" quilts, in which I often changed the color palette from the familiar to fantasy.  The subjects of all these quilts had special meaning to me, in one way or another.  The iris is my favorite flower, reminding me both of my mother's flower garden at my childhood home, and of the flowers I carried at my wedding.

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57" X 58"

1997:  Hand dyed fabric, collaged, quilted.

This quilt began as a late-night doodle that measured approximately 3 inches square.  I was so taken by the sketch, that the next day I had the doodle enlarged to 60" x 60", and pinned it up on my design wall.  I started cutting into my fabric immediately, choosing the colors as I went, and building the quilt in an improvisational "collage" type process from the center outward.  From the beginning, the lines and movement in the drawing suggested to me dancing gypsies, and I tried to capture the same feeling in the colors I chose as I worked. 

My grandmother had told me many stories of her life as a child, being intrigued by the gypsies as they came through town and camped by the river below her house. I must have been as intrigued by my grandma's stories as she was of her gypsies.

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